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Peekaboo & Snuffles – How a simple silly game can lead to much needed giggles and laughter in Children’s Portraiture.

I had the pleasure to welcome back one of my wedding clients from 2010 into the studio. Now living in London,  Joe & Susanne were home in Killaloe for a visit and came into the studio to update their family album to include their two beautiful young daughters, Bellamarie and Rosie.  I was warned at the very start –  ‘she might be a little shy….”








I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere along the way I had to sneeze. And it was big one. And I thought I heard a little wee giggle out of Bellamarie and the “Snuffles” game was born. After that, it was all giggles, laughter and rainbows

So after a good 15 mins of that game and looking like I just stepped out of a tumble dryer, it was onto the family portrait where I decided to change tactics and employ the Peekaboo game just to keep things fresh! Rosie the youngest loved that game the best.


Sometimes we have to put our dignity on the shelf and be the focus of a silly game to get those much need smiles for a natural portrait. In children’s portraiture this is key to achieving natural expression.




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